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WWE 13

This past weekend I was in Los Angeles, California for the 25th anniversary of WWE Summer Slam.  But more importantly, I was there with some other members of the WWE Games Community to check out WWE ’13 for the very first time.
Unlike last year however, we didn’t get nearly as much time with the game like we did the year before.  So I sincerely apologize ahead of time if some information you all are looking for is not present here, myself and the rest of the community did the best we could with the time we had.  So let’s not waste any more time shall we? Let’s get right to it!
As I’m sure all of you watched live over the weekend, the roster reveal for WWE ’13 was simply massive! The biggest roster in WWE Games history, but THQ wasn’t willing to stop there.  Cory Ledesma noted during the press event that with the inclusion of DLC characters, WWE ’13’s final roster number would be over one hundred! That’s right folks, over 100 superstars, divas, and legends will make up WWE ’13 once DLC is all said and done…Are you ready? You should be!
When it comes to gameplay, those of you familiar with the control schemes and gameplay from WWE ’12 will feel right at home when you pick up a controller to play WWE ’13.  While the basic gameplay mechanics of last year feel the same, the amount of polish and new animations that have been added will be very evident to any hardcore WWE Games player.  
The entire experience feels much smoother than last year, with moves connecting every time exactly how they’re supposed to.  Which was a very big complaint among fans with WWE ’12 so it was very refreshing to see things like that get taken care of in this year’s game.

One of the new match types making its long awaited return this WWE Games this year is the Special Referee Match.  But don't think its all fun and games as the referee this time, if you step out of line too many times...None other than Johnny Ace himself will come out with a new referee and eject you from the match (voice over work and all).  So make sure you're a fair referee, or you might be wished well in your future endeavors.
Besides that, only a couple things bothered me while playing some exhibition, regarding things such as move sets and the presence, or lack thereof for the newly touted feature for WWE ’13 “WWE Live”.  While I was guaranteed that the build we were playing was far from final and that my complaints wouldn’t be a problem later on (It only had a handful of playable superstars and divas in it) I couldn’t help but feel disappointed with how it was presented to me, the crowd noise just wasn’t that impressive to me at all. But my opinion of “WWE Live” changed in a big way when I experienced it inside the crown jewel of WWE ’13 (so far) Attitude Era Mode.

While my time with the mode was short I couldn’t help but be impressed with the sound of the crowd and the commentary in this mode.  When I first heard about and imagined what WWE Live would be like, this was it.  It truly blew me away by just how good everything sounded.  Each match I played reminded me a lot of the “Jordan Moments” in NBA 2K11, where you would have certain objectives to complete in the match before picking up the victory.
You don’t wish to complete the objectives? That’s cool, just go ahead and win the match.  But if you want to unlock more than 100 of the games unlockables this year I think you’ll want to take on as many of the match objectives as possible.  The ones I saw were fairly simple to do and I enjoyed the challenge of being able to pull them off.
I really can’t wait to get my hands on the entire Attitude Era mode to see all of the great moments and matches they have included into this mode.  One thing that certainly peaks my interest is the fact that the final chapter of Attitude Era mode is simply “WrestleMania XV”. 
So I wonder which matches from that pay per view we will be experiencing in WWE ’13, if you need a refresher course…with the roster as it stands, these are the matches that are possible to recreate in WWE ’13!

Which of these matches will be included in Attitude Era mode still remain to be seen, but all are most certainly possible.  I would have to believe that any important moment regarding these eight superstars over the course of those two years will be included in some way shape or form inside of this mode.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I was ever this excited for a story mode like feature in WWE Games.
The last thing I was able to check out was the only creation mode that was available to us in this build, none other than the vastly improved “Create an Arena” mode.  As you all can recall last year we were able to change the basically the ring and all that surrounded it last year leaving many wishing for more customization throughout the rest of the arena, well fear not WWE Games fans because THQ listened and delivered in a BIG way!
Not only is everything we loved from last year back, but they have added a TON of improvements! Starting with the stage itself, there are several pre made stages ranging from old Raw and Smackdown sets to a lot of old classic WWE pay per views, as well as some others that I think were made up just for this mode. 
From there you can edit them anyway you like.  Not a big fan of the lightning bolts during the Raw on Spike TV era of WWE TV, get rid of them! Want your own design on the stage or the ramp? Go for it! It’s completely up to you.  It certainly looked like everything about the stage was completely customizable and I wish I would have had more time to look through it all but what I saw was extremely impressive.
It’s not just the stage you can edit either but the actual arena itself.  Want your arena to be in a very small venue (like Ring of Honor) you can totally do that here.  How about a HUGE outdoors stadium? Of course you can! Knock yourself out; the choice is up to you!
You even get to select what type of crowd you want in your arena, from the modern crowd of today to the Attitude era crowd from yesteryear, it’s completely up to you!
The ideas and possibilities for my own created arenas were running through my head non-stop while I was looking through this mode and I’m sure if you’re a big creation fan like me you are very excited right now at the wide arrange of possibilities this mode is going to bring to the table this year.
To think there are so many things left to be revealed, Universe 3.0…the rest of the creation suites…online features and modes…and who knows what other surprises THQ has up their sleeves for us to reveal between now and October 30th.
Walking away from WWE ’13 this weekend was hard to do.  And now the very long wait from now till October 30th begins, I saw someone ask Cory Ledesma this week on Twitter to create a time machine, I won’t lie…that sounds like a pretty great idea right about now!
This weekend I will throw up answers from the questions you guys asked me last weekend to try and get answered regarding WWE ’13.  Keep in mind, if I don’t answer your question it’s simply because I don’t have the answer, not that I’m ignoring it or choosing not to answer.

Finally....The Rock is no longer WWE Champion

Results and Review of WWE Wrestlemania 29

Tonight was the Super Bowl of pro wrestling, a pro wrestling holiday, and the showcase of the immortals. Wrestlemania 29 kicked off with an hour long preshow. The pre-show featured the Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett defending the title against The Miz. This was a great match that should have been on the main card. These two are definitely main event caliber performers who should be in the World Title picture. The Miz won the title to end the pre-show headed into Wrestlemania.

The first match of the night was The Shield taking on the team of Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show. The opening match was fast pace. The Shield paid their dues in this match. Towards the end of the match Sheamus and Orton refused to tag in Big Show which ended up costing them. After The Shield left Big Show knocked out both Orton and Sheamus and walked to the back.

A lot of people didn't have high hopes for Ryback and Mark Henry. It wasn't a bad match but it wasn't an epic match either. It is very hard to have a great match with two big men that are powerhouses. It was better than Goldberg vs. Lesnar but not better than Warrior vs. Hogan. Mark Henry won the match but Ryback gave Henry the Shell Shock.

The first title match of the evening was Team Hell No defending their titles against Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston. Langston had a great debut and showed what a true powerhouse should be. Ziggler and Bryan are two of the best in ring performers that WWE has and they had good sequences every time they were in the ring together. Kane and Langston also had good sequences. In the end, Daniel Bryan paid homage to Chris Benoit and Dynamite Kid by doing a diving headbutt to win the match.

I am going to blunt about this next match. Fandango who use to wrestle as Johnny Curtis had no business being on Wrestlemania. This was by far was one of the worst Wrestlemania matches that I've ever seen in my life. When I think of Y2J I think of his Wrestlemania matches with CM Punk, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. I will be erasing this one from memory bank and if Jericho was smart he would too. How the hell do you put Fandango over after a match like that?

After that disaster of a match we were treated to a great story and a great technical wrestling match. Del Rio and Swagger really the upper card going. I thought these two did a great job telling their story and getting both Zeb and Ricardo involved. There were a lot of counters but in the end Del Rio made Swagger tap to the cross arm-breaker.

The match of the night was CM Punk vs. The Undertaker. There was so much symbolism in this match. The fact that Punk was wearing Undertakers colors of grey, purple and black. Also watching Paul Heyman clutch the urn and talk to the urn was a little creepy. This match was such a great body of work. Undertaker proved he can still go and Punk looked very strong in this match. In the end, despite CM Punk's awesome performance The Undertaker came out with a victory and extended his streak to 21-0. If this was Undertakers last match then he went out on a high note. CM Punk is still the performer on the roster and this match proved why.

Triple H and Brock Lesnar took it to another level tonight then they did at Summerslam. Having Shawn Michaels involved in the match really added to the drama of it. A lot of people haven't liked the last few matches Triple H has had because they have been slow paced. Triple H knows how to tell a story. He is very slow and methodical in his style. Triple H brought his best to the table as did Lesnar but the final result ended with Triple H giving the pedigree to Brock Lesnar on the steel steps.

The Main Event was redemption vs. greatness and each man got what they wanted out of it. This match was a lot better then their first encounter at Wrestlemania. The Rock walked into the match as WWE Champion and John Cena the determined challenger. I honestly am not a huge fan of either person but it made more business sense for John Cena to regain the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29. I love the ending and the show of respect both men had for each other. The final image going off the air was Cena at the end of the ramp holding the prestigious WWE Championship in the air.

I would give Wrestlemania 29 7.5 of out 10. The under-card was not as good as it could have been. Fandango vs. Chris Jericho made the whole under-card look terrible. I was also unhappy that WWE wasted about 20 minutes worth of video packages and a performance by Diddy. In those 20 minutes you could have had the 8 person mixed tag that got nixed and a spot for the United States Champion Antonio Cesaro.

The main card was excellent and fun to watch. It's great to see the art of a classic pro wrestling match coming back to the forefront. At Wrestlemania 29 everything was left in the ring. Legends were made, careers were immortalized and heroes came home. The Rock fulfilled his greatness and passed the torch to John Cena which allowed for Cena's redemption.

Wrestlemania 29 came home and gave home a pretty decent show. Next year Wrestlemania 30 will be held on April 6, 2014 at the Superdome in New Orleans. It will be 30 years in the making. Until then, enjoy what you saw this year because Wrestlemania 29 had a lot of memorable moments.

Should the Sports Media Be More Sensitive?

On Sunday, Kevin Ware of the Louisville Cardinals Mens Basketball team suffered a compound fracture in his knee. Hours after this injury many sports media outlets and social media sites began playing the clip over and over. There has been arguments about this throughout the last few days.

One side says when an athlete signs on to play a sport whether it be college or profession, paid or non-paid they are giving up the right to privacy. When an athlete signs a contract to play a sport when a school signs a contract to have their games broadcasted they are signing a waiver to use any footage during a game. Athletes are celebrities and always in the public eye so people who watch them want to know everything that goes on with them. This is one side of a very sensitive topic.

The other side of this is people are saying that the media shouldn't being showing the pain and misfortune of someone else just to gain ratings. If Kevin Ware's injury ends his college career and any potential NBA career he could have had, is it right to keep replaying the injury and reminding him of what he lost? Lets use some examples of the past.

In the 2001 Daytona 500, Dale Earnhardt Sr. died on the last lap of the race. Is it fair to Dale Earnhardt Jr. to have to keep watching the clip of his dads crash over and over again. I see videos on YouTube all the time of soccer players collapsing and dying on the field. Should that type of video be open for the public? I give ESPN credit. They have not shown clips of the injury to Kevin Ware, just like they never showed videos of other athletes being seriously injured or dying while playing their sport. Yesterday, images surfaced of Kevin Ware's injury that were taken up close before the training staff covered it with a towel. I kept asking myself, whats the point of this? I believe in creating controversy because of my opinions on sports but I would never create it at the misfortune of someones injury.

Many are saying Kevin Ware is in the public eye because it is the March Madness tournament so it's okay to use. WWE Superstar Owen Hart was in the public eye when he fell to his death at a pay-per-view in 1999 so should WWE replay the footage of him falling to his death? Doesn't sound right does it? Late last year Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on a live edition of Monday Night Raw. The night Jerry Lawler returned from his heart attack they showed exclusive footage of him being put on oxygen and the medical staff trying to bring him back to life. If Lawler would have died, would they have shown the footage? CM Punk who has been WWE's top bad guy has been at the center of some pretty controversial segments which have included mocking Lawlers heart attack and playing into Paul Bearers death. Is their certain line that needs to be drawn in the WWE and sports media? Is their some things that shouldn't be shown or exposed?

 A lot of people say that being a celebrity forces them to give up their right to privacy but last I checked celebrities are human beings and their misfortunes shouldn't be exploited for increased ratings, readership or viewership. I understand that the media like myself has a job to do but there are more appropriate ways of covering a story.

Finally in all sincerity I do hope Kevin Ware does have a successful recovery and comes back to have a wonderful college career and hopefully an NBA career. The media should be more sensitive and sympathetic to those like Kevin Ware who are in pain and unsure of their future. He is a human being just myself and anyone else reads this article.

NFL Off-Season as of 3/31/2013

Well it's been two weeks since I last posted about the off-season moves going in the NFL and some of the wheeling and dealing that has been going on has been intense. Here is a recap of all the big moves in the last two weeks:

-San Diego Chargers agreed to terms with RB Danny Woodhead on a two-year contract.
-Minnesota Vikings signed QB Matt Cassel and WR Greg Jennings.
-Miami Dolphins signed TE Dustin Keller and WR Brandon Gibson to one-year contracts.
-Tennessee Titans agreed to terms with S Bernard Pollard on a one-year contract.
-Jacksonsville Jaguars signed WR Jordan Shipley.
-Houston Texans signed S Ed Reed.
-Chicago Bears agreed to terms with LB D.J. Williams on a one-year contract.
-Baltimore Ravens agreed to terms with DE Elvis Dumervil on a five-year contract.
-Atlanta Falcons agreed to terms with DE Osi Umenyiora on a two-year contract.

These are the biggest moves of the last two weeks. Remember when I report these transactions, I only report the ones that have been signed, sealed and delivered. Make sure to check back in two more weeks to  see what else goes down.

Road to Wrestlemania 29: Week 9

Finally in week 9 The Rock has come back to television. Things between The Rock and John Cena got intense as John Cena got the rock bottom at the end of Raw. Last year it was about the fun and games but this year it has a more serious tone to it. The Rock wasn't done on Monday. He appeared on Smackdown to give John Laurinaitis a People's Elbow.

As for the World Heavyweight Title feud, things between Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio are getting intense. Swagger attacked Ricardo on Monday and Ricardo got even by attacking Zeb Coulter with a crutch. This match has interested a lot of people because of the economic, immigration and even racial issues. This match interests me more than the the WWE Title match does and that's maybe because both Swagger and Del Rio are puttin their heart and soul into this feud. Look for an excellent match between these two at Wrestlemania.

Paul Heyman had a busy Monday. He was involved in making sure CM Punk kept possession of the urn. CM Punk was attacked by The Undertaker on Mondays for his continued insults towards the urn and Paul Bearer. Paul Heyman was also on the receiving end of an attack from Triple H who signed the contract for his match with Brock Lesnar. If you really think about it, Paul Heyman could be the star of Wrestlemania. He is involved with two high powered matches. Heyman is a great talker and manager, and it's great to see him heavily involved at a Wrestlemania.

I will be honest and just tell you I didn't like the buildup of the under card except for Ryback and Mark Henry. They each won their respective handicap matches and competed in an impressive weightlifting contest. Most of the under-card was made on Raw Active or the internet but I am sure this week will have plenty of buildup for the big event this week. With that being said here if the official card for Wrestlemania 29:
The Rock(c) vs. John Cena

Alberto Del Rio(c) vs.Jack Swagger

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

Wade Barrett(c) vs. The Miz

 Ryback vs. Mark Henry

Big Show/Sheamus/Randy Orton vs. The Shield

Team Hell No(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler/Big E. Langston

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

Tons of Funk/The Funkadactyls vs. Team Rhodes Scholars/The Bella Twins

We are just one week away from the biggest show of the year and it has a solid card. This is probably the most solid card on a Wrestlemania show in quite a few years. Check back next week for the final thoughts headed into Wrestlemania 29.

Thoughts on the Miami Heat's 27 Game Win Streak

Previewing and Predicting Wrestlemania 29

NASCAR Rivalries on the Rise

Road to Wrestlemania 29: Week 8

This week on the Road to Wrestlemania the buildup for the big event was nothing worth bragging about. John Cena kicked off Raw with his a speech and declaration about how he will beat The Rock. The Prime Time Players came down and interrupted him which cost Darren Young to get a beat down from Cena.

The biggest buildup this week had to be Triple H signing this contract for his match with Brock Lesnar. Before Lesnar could come out Triple H beat up Paul Heyman and made him suffer. The stipulations for the match are No Holds Barred and if Triple H loses his career is over.  

Paul Heyman has been noticeably absent with CM Punk the last few weeks. The Undertaker came out and demanded the urn back. CM Punk then appeared on the titantron with the urn and juggled it around taunting The Undertaker. The Undertaker was visibly angered by these actions and looks to get revenge at Wrestlemania 29. The Undertakers brother Kane has also been angered by these actions but he has been focused on his tag team with Daniel Bryan. They will be facing Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston for the tag titles at the grandest stage of them all.

Speaking of tag team matches, Ryback was removed from the 6-man tag match involving The Shield taking on Sheamus and Randy Orton. Ryback will be taking on Mark Henry in what will an interesting match of two powerhouses. As for Sheamus and Orton, they officially do not have a partner but the Big Show has been making a case to be their partner. It's pretty much set in stone but it isn't official yet.

The World Title feud between Del Rio and Swagger took an intense turn in Swagger's favor. After Del Rio defeated Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger came down and broke Ricardo's ankle after he attacked Del Rio. Swagger went on the defeat Chris Jericho for the second week in a row on Smackdown. I hate to say it but I am still more interested in the World Title match then I am the WWE title match. Swagger and Del Rio have a great story and rivalry going.

Other matches that have been hinted are as follows
Intercontinental Championship Match: Wade Barrett vs. The Miz
Fandango vs. Chris Jericho
8 person tag match: Cody Rhodes/Damien Sandow/Nikki/Brie vs. Tensai/Brodus Clay/Cameron/Naomi

The under card doesn't look too terribly bad but they have a lot to prove considering this Wrestlemania will be heavily watched with everyone who is on. Here are the matches that have been made official:

The one thing I am surprised by is that Antonio Cesaro, Kofi Kingston, Kaitlyn, and a few others do not have a storyline setup for Wrestlemania 29. Rumor has it that Wrestlemania 29 will have an hour long pre show with more than one match and plenty of fan interaction. Keep checking back for more Road to Wrestlemania 29 coverage as we are closing in on two weeks until the big show. 

Free Download WWE 13 Game Full Version

System Requirements:
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
Operating system : Windows ® XP / Vista / 7
Memory : 1 GB
Video : 512 MB
Sound : DirectX 9.0c compatible

Some Screens :

Direct Download

Booker T in the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame

Growing as a fan of WWE and WCW the first ever live event I went to was a WCW Nitro at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI. One of the many stars I saw that night was Booker T, who at the time was one half of Harlem Heat. Little did I know that Booker T would go on to have a wonderful career.

Booker T was trained by Ivan Putski and debuted in 1989. He began is career with his brother Stevie Ray in Houston Texas. In 1993 they became Harlem Heat and feuded with some great tag teams early on.  They feuded with the Nasty Boys, American Males, Stars n Stripes, Public Enemy, and Dick Slater/Bunkhouse Buck. By the late 90's Booker began to break out on his own. Booker T won his first singles career by defeating Disco Inferno in December 1997. He feuded with Perry Saturn, Finlay and even Bret Hart. In 1999 he reunited with Stevie Ray to feud Filthy Animals, West Texas Rednecks,  and others.

Before WCW closed in March 2001, Booker T was a main eventer holding the WCW Heavyweight Title multiple times. He made his WWE debut at the King of the Ring in 2001 attacking Stone Cold Steve Austin. He feuded with The Rock, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin in the first six months of his WWE career. Once the alliance angle ended he teamed with multiple partners to win tag team gold with his partners being Goldust and RVD. In 2003, Booker T was in the World Title Match at Wrestlemania 19 against Triple H. Over the next few years Booker would feud with The Undertaker, John Cena, JBL, Christian and Chris Benoit.

In 2006, Booker T won the King of the Ring tournament becoming King Booker. During this run he feuded with Bobby Lashley, Batista, and Kane. He also won the World Heavyweight Championship from Rey Mysterio during his time as king. He left in August 2007 after he lost to Triple H at Summerslam due to multiple personal and professional issues.

From 2007 through 2009 Booker was an active member of TNA Wrestling feuding with the likes of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Robert Roode. He became TNA Tag Team Champions with Scott Steiner and won the first ever TNA Legends title. He was also part of the legendary group, the Main Event Mafia. The Main Event Mafia also consisted of Sting, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, and Scott Steiner.

In 2011 he reappeared in WWE at the Royal Rumble and since then has been a commentator, and now is the General Manager of Smackdown. He has also competed in several matches with Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship.

Booker T definitely deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. He has had 41 title reigns ranging from Tag Team Championship to World Heavyweight Championship. I'd like to congratulate Booker T on his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Can you dig that sucka?

Wrestlemania 30: Jake "the Snake" Roberts vs. Scott Hall, The Real Redem...

Road to Wrestlemania 29: Week 7

This week on the Road to Wrestlemania 29, it got more intense. Monday Night Raw kicked off with The Undertaker paying tribute to the late Paul Bearer who managed him and Kane for many years. CM Punk interrupted Takers tribute and severely angered Kane. Later on in the night Kane defeated Punk in a NODQ match but CM Punk attacked Kane with the urn and stole it before Undertaker could make it to the ring. Kane's rough week continued on Friday when he lost to Dolph Ziggler and got beat down by Big E. Langston after the match. The same turn of events happened to Daniel Bryan.

A lot of people have mixed views on CM Punk's role on Monday. I personally think that him stealing the urn makes their match so much more meaningful at Wrestlemania.  A lot of people are calling Undertaker vs. CM Punk, the real main event of Wrestlemania 29. Punk's associated Paul Heyman was not with him this week as he came out with Brock Lesnar to accept Triple H's challenge. He accepted it by destroying the New Age Outlaws who were facing the Rhodes Scholars. Brock Lesnar will name the stipulation once Triple H signs the contract for the match.

There is only one title match to talk about this week because John Cena and The Rock were not on Raw or Smackdown. Alberto Del Rio defeated Antonio Cesaro on Monday Night Raw and continued with parody skits of Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter on Smackdown. Jack Swagger manhandled Sin Cara on Raw while having the match of the week on Smackdown with Chris Jericho. Speaking of Y2J he and Miz battled to a no contest to see who would face Wade Barrett on this upcoming edition of Raw. Since it was a no contest there will be a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Title on this upcoming Raw.

One match that was made official was a six-man tag between The Shield and the team of Ryback, Sheamus, and Randy Orton. Big Show asked to be the third partner of Sheamus and Orton but turned him down. However before Ryback could fight Mark Henry The Shield laid him out. Mark Henry came out and hit The World Strongest Slam on Ryback multiple times. These actions lead me to believe that Big Show will eventually replace Ryback, and you will see Ryback vs. Mark Henry at Wrestlemania 29.

The Road to Wrestlemania 29 is heating up and here the four matches that have been made official and here they are:

With just a few weeks left until Wrestlemania expect more matches to made.

The Triple Threat Match between Chris Jericho, The Miz and Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett could determine a lot on what they do at Wrestlemania 29. I personally thought this match should be a Wrestlemania match but creative has something else in mind. Keep checking back each weekend on the Road to Wrestlemania 29. On April 7th it will be "What the World is Watching." and it will be "The Showcase of the Immortals."

NFL Off-Season Moves as of 3/15/2013

It's been a month since I last reported on the offseason moves in the NFL. Earlier this week the free agency period started and there have been signings, trades and even some shocking releases. Here is a recap of all the major moves that have gone down:

-Green Bay Packers released DB Charles Woodson and C Jeff Saturday.
-Kansas City Chiefs released TE Kevin Boss and WR Steve Breaston. Also Signed CB Dunta Robinson, OL Bryan Mattison, WR Donnie Avery, QB Chase Daniel and TE Anthony Fasano.
-New York Jets released LB Bart Scott and LB Calvin Pace
-Atlanta Falcons released RB Michael Turner, DE John Abraham and CB Dunta Robinson. Also agreed to terms with RB Steven Jackson on a three-year contract.
-San Diego Chargers released LB Takeo Spikes.
-Carolina Panthers released CB Chris Gamble.
-San Francisco 49ers acquired WR Anquan Boldin from Baltimore for a 2013 sixth-round draft pick. Also traded QB Alex Smith to Kansas City for a 2013 second-round draft pick and a future draft pick. Signed DE Glenn Dorsey to a two-year contract.
-Minnesota Vikings traded WR Percy Harvin to Seattle for 2013 first- and seventh-round draft picks and a 2014 third-round draft pick. Also terminated the contract of CB Antoine Winfield.
-Chicago Bears agreed to terms with TE Martellus Bennett on a four-year contract.
-Tennessee Titans agreed to terms with RB Shonn Greene, FB Quinn Johnson and G Andy Levitre on multiyear contracts.
-Detroit Lions agreed to terms with RB Reggie Bush on a four-year contract, DE Jason Jones on a three-year contract and S Glover Quin to a five-year contract.
-Denver Broncos agreed to terms with Wes Welker and DT Terrance Knighton on two-year contracts and LB Stewart Bradley and CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on one-year contracts.
-Seattle Seahawks signed DE Cliff Avril to a multiyear contract.
-New England Patriots Signed WR Danny Amendola and RB Leon Washington.

As always Hollywood's World of Sports only reports the deals that have been signed, sealed and delivered. Keep checking back during the middle and end of each month until all the big name free agents are signed. 

2013 TNA Impact Wrestling Lockdown Review, Results, and Recap

Tonight was a landmark night in the history of TNA Wrestling. Tonight was the annual Lockdown event and it proved to be one hell of a night. The first match was a triple threat match for the X Division Championship between champion Kenny King, Zema Ion and Christian York. I love the fact all three of these men were in a match together because they have their own unique styles. I really think these three guys are the head of the X Division and my belief is that the X Division should be one of the main focuses of TNA.

Two matches that didn't have much meaning were Rob Terry beating Robbie E and Joseph Park beating Joey Ryan. There little buildup for either of these matches. One match that had buildup was the Knockouts Title match between Gail Kim and champion Velvet Sky. It was a good match that saw Gail Kim fight with referee Taryn Terrell and ended up allowing Velvet to retain the title.

The triple threat tag team match between Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez, Bad Influence, and Austin Aries/Bobby Roode for the the tag team titles was most definitely a match of the year candidate between both companies. All three teams showed off and showcased just how really good they are. A lot of questions surrounded this match because Bobby Roode's contract expired two weeks ago and hasn't been on TV since. The team of Roode and Aries held on to the titles which obviously means Bobby Roode is here to stay.

The last three matches were inside a steel cage. The first being Kurt Angle and Wes Brisco. Kurt brutalized Wes multiple times in the match but thanks to the interference of D-Low Brown the result ended in Wes Brisco defeating Kurt. The second match was Lethal Lockdown which saw chaos, great moments and the highlight of Eric Young's career. Aces and Eights had control throughout most of the match until Sting came out. Sting brought out weapons and Team TNA beat the hell out of Ace's N Eights. In the end, it was Eric Young who did a flying elbow drop off of the top of the cage on to Mike Knox for the win.

In the Main Event, Jeff Hardy walked in TNA World Champion against Bull Ray. This was a classic encounter that saw Hulk Hogan and Brooke come to ringside to cheer Bully on. Not long after Aces N Eights interfered for a second time. Devon then through the hammer to Bully which allowed him to defeat Jeff Hardy and  become the new World Champion. Once the match was through Bully got on the mic and ran down Hulk and Brooke. The fans began to throw debris in the ring much like when Hogan joined the nWo in the 1996. The show ended with Aces N Eights celebrating with their new President and World Champion Bully Ray.

Lockdown was a solid show with the last four matches being off the charts. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 because some of the matches had no buildup but the heel turn at the end made it great. I look forward to seeing where this goes from here and how Bully Ray's reign as champion will affect the direction of the company. Stay tuned for more because 2013 just took a huge turn for Impact Wrestling.

Road to Wrestlemania 29: Week 6

This week on the Road to Wrestlemania it kicked off with The Undertaker returning to Monday Night Raw. Shortly after that CM Punk came out and said he was going to take on The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. Big Show, Sheamus and Randy Orton interrupted and said they deserved to face The Undertaker. A fatal four way was set and once it was all said and done CM Punk won and they stared each other down to close Raw.

Another return that happened this week was the return of the New Age Outlaws as they defeated the team of Epic and Primo. It has been over a decade since they teamed on Monday Night Raw. They will take on Team Rhodes Scholars this Monday.

Speaking of members from DX, Triple H challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at Wrestlemania 29 and Brock Lesnar will be on Raw this Monday to give Triple H his answer. It appears Paul Heyman will be with Brock Lesnar and CM Punk for Wrestlemania 29. Speaking of Paul Heyman associates, The Shield has continued to launch attacks on Sheamus, Randy Orton and now Big Show. It appears that The Shield will take on those three men at Wrestlemania 29 but plans could always change. Another match that seems to be in the works is Mark Henry vs. Ryback. Both men have had run-ins twice this week so I will be curious to see the buildup to that match.

The match of the week was most definitely Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. It was a back and forth contest but once Big E and AJ were kicked out of the match the momentum turned into Del Rio's favor. Del Rio's Wrestlemania opponent Jack Swagger beat up Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Dusty Rhodes on Raw. Swagger and Coulter continue to spread their propaganda and continue talk about some of the most controversial topics that surround the United States.. The World Title feud is probably one of the most intriguing feuds I've seen quite some time. I suspect their will be more intense build up over the next four weeks.

The buildup for The Rock and John Cena just started this week and it took on a lot more of a serious tone this time then it did last year. Last year it was all fun and games, but I think this year we will see a different side to John Cena. I really hope that Cena and Rock actually deliver this year because this year they will have a better card underneath them then they did last year.

We know that three matches have officially been set in stone with three more potentially to be made this week. One has to wonder how Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, Team Hell No, Team Rhodes Scholars, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and a few others will be involved. Stay tuned for more on these individuals on their Road to Wrestlemania. Here are the three matches set for Wrestlemania 29 thus far:

Remember to check back every weekend to get a recap on the Road to Wrestlemania 29. Wrestlemania is now four weeks away and will be held at MetLife Stadium home of the New York Giants and New York Jets. More matches to be announced soon so keep coming back to Hollywood's World of Sports for all of you Wrestlemania 29 coverage.