2013 TNA Impact Wrestling Lockdown Review, Results, and Recap

Tonight was a landmark night in the history of TNA Wrestling. Tonight was the annual Lockdown event and it proved to be one hell of a night. The first match was a triple threat match for the X Division Championship between champion Kenny King, Zema Ion and Christian York. I love the fact all three of these men were in a match together because they have their own unique styles. I really think these three guys are the head of the X Division and my belief is that the X Division should be one of the main focuses of TNA.

Two matches that didn't have much meaning were Rob Terry beating Robbie E and Joseph Park beating Joey Ryan. There little buildup for either of these matches. One match that had buildup was the Knockouts Title match between Gail Kim and champion Velvet Sky. It was a good match that saw Gail Kim fight with referee Taryn Terrell and ended up allowing Velvet to retain the title.

The triple threat tag team match between Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez, Bad Influence, and Austin Aries/Bobby Roode for the the tag team titles was most definitely a match of the year candidate between both companies. All three teams showed off and showcased just how really good they are. A lot of questions surrounded this match because Bobby Roode's contract expired two weeks ago and hasn't been on TV since. The team of Roode and Aries held on to the titles which obviously means Bobby Roode is here to stay.

The last three matches were inside a steel cage. The first being Kurt Angle and Wes Brisco. Kurt brutalized Wes multiple times in the match but thanks to the interference of D-Low Brown the result ended in Wes Brisco defeating Kurt. The second match was Lethal Lockdown which saw chaos, great moments and the highlight of Eric Young's career. Aces and Eights had control throughout most of the match until Sting came out. Sting brought out weapons and Team TNA beat the hell out of Ace's N Eights. In the end, it was Eric Young who did a flying elbow drop off of the top of the cage on to Mike Knox for the win.

In the Main Event, Jeff Hardy walked in TNA World Champion against Bull Ray. This was a classic encounter that saw Hulk Hogan and Brooke come to ringside to cheer Bully on. Not long after Aces N Eights interfered for a second time. Devon then through the hammer to Bully which allowed him to defeat Jeff Hardy and  become the new World Champion. Once the match was through Bully got on the mic and ran down Hulk and Brooke. The fans began to throw debris in the ring much like when Hogan joined the nWo in the 1996. The show ended with Aces N Eights celebrating with their new President and World Champion Bully Ray.

Lockdown was a solid show with the last four matches being off the charts. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 because some of the matches had no buildup but the heel turn at the end made it great. I look forward to seeing where this goes from here and how Bully Ray's reign as champion will affect the direction of the company. Stay tuned for more because 2013 just took a huge turn for Impact Wrestling.
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