Manti Te'o vs. "Honeybadger" Tyrann Mathieu: Who is the Bigger Risk?

The NFL Combine is currently taking place and two of the names that people are consistently talking about are Manti Te'o and Tyrann Mathieu. Both men were very productive on the field but off the field they have had some serious issues that could effect where they are drafted and how serious teams will be about each individual.

Te'o had the story of his grandma and girlfriend dying on the same day. He was the put as the focal point of the Notre Dame football team all the way until the National Championship game ended. A few weeks after it came out that Te'o had been part of a hoax where the girlfriend who died wasn't real. Many thought that Te'o was a part of the hoax but later it was proven that Te'o and his family were not apart of this and we are taken advantage of. He has been participating in the NFL Combine and has not impressed. The latest thing that is coming out of the combine is that NFL teams are asking Te'o about his sexual orientation. The issue of homosexuality in the NFL started at the end of the season when various players called out players of a different sexual orientation and said they didn't belong in the same locker room. With all these questions about the hoax, his combine performance and now new arising questions about his sexual orientation who will take a chance on Te'o?

Tyrann Mathieu's issues had nothing to do with hoaxes and sexual orientation. Honey Badger was arrested on possession of marijuana and reportedly failed multiple drug tests. He was intending on staying at LSU but decided to enter the NFL Draft. His participation in the NFL Combine has impressed teams but questions about his behavior are still arising. The Jets and Redskins are interested Mathieu while the Giants, Bengals, and Ravens are interested in Teo.

The NFL Draft beings April 25th and I am sure the sports world will be watching where these two land. One of two things will happen in their careers. They will either rise above their critics or they will fall into obscurity. Tune into the NFL Draft to see where there journey begins. 

Donald Trump to be Inducted into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame

If anyone from the celebrity world or public eye ever deserved to be in the WWE Hall of Fame it is Donald Trump. The Donald with his trademark hair have always been just as controversial as Vince McMahon. Trump has contributed so much to the WWE not only in terms of a personality but financially as well. Wrestlemania 4 and 5 were held at the famous Trump Plaza. Wrestlemania 4 saw the following:

Battle RoyalBad News Brown won

Ultimate Warrior def. Hercules w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Intercontential Champion
Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake def. Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart and Peggy Sue by DQ

The Islanders & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan def. The British Bulldogs & Koko B. Ware w/ Matilda

World Tag Team Championship
Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji def. Strike Force to become new champions

WWE Championship Tournament

Round One Match -- "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil and Andre the Giant def. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Round One Match -- Don Muraco w/ "Superstar" Billy Graham def. Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin by DQ
Round One Match -- Greg "The Hammer" Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart def. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Round One Match -- Randy "Macho Man" Savage w/ Elizabeth def. "The Natural" Butch Reed w/ Slick
Round One Match -- One Man Gang w/ Slick def. Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Oliver Humperdink by count-out
Round One Match -- "Ravishing" Rick Rude w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts went to a draw
Round Two Match -- Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and Virgil ended in a double DQ
Round Two Match -- "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil def. Don Muraco w/ "Superstar" Billy Graham
Round Two Match -- Randy "Macho Man" Savage w/ Elizabeth def. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart
Round Three Match -- Randy "Macho Man" Savage w/ Elizabeth def. One Man Gang w/ Slick by DQ

Main Event - Finals of WWE Championship Tournament
Randy "Macho Man" Savage w/ Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan def. "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil and Andre the Giant to become new champion

History was made the night because never again have we saw a tournament at Wrestlemania of that magnitude. The following year Wrestlemania featured the explosion of the Mega Powers. The following happened at Wrestlemania 5:

Hercules def. King Haku w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

The Twin Towers w/ Slick def. The Rockers

"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake ended in a double count-out

The Bushwhackers def. The Rougeau Brothers w/ Jimmy Hart

Mr. Perfect def. Blue Blazer

World Tag Team Championship Handicap Match
Demolition def. Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji to retain

Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin def. "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin

The Brain Busters w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan def. Strike Force

Jake "The Snake" Roberts def. Andre the Giant w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan by DQ (Big John Studd was special guest referee)

The Hart Foundation def. Honky Tonk Man and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart

Intercontinental Championship
"Ravishing" Rick Rude w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan def. Ultimate Warrior to become new champion

Bad News Brown vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan went to a no contest

The Red Rooster def. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Main Event for WWE Championship
Hulk Hogan def. Randy "Macho Man" Savage w/ Elizabeth in a neutral corner to become new champion

He was a spectator at Wrestlemania 7 and many years later he was apart of Wrestlemania again. At Wrestlemania 23 he was in the Battle of the Billionaires. Trump was represented by Bobby Lashley and McMahon reprented by Umaga. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee and at the end of it Lashley and Trump shaved Vince McMahon bald. Donald Trump at one point "bought" WWE and brought Raw live with no commercials and refunded every person who bought a ticket their money back. 

WWE is not the only group of people with star power that Donald Trump has worked with. Trump has worked with the following on his show Celebrity Apprentice:

Lennox Lewis
Piers Morgan
Trace Adkins 
Gene Simmons
Dennis Rodman
Clint Black
Herschel Walker
Joan Rivers
Bret Michaels
Sharon Osbourne
Bill Goldberg
Darryl Strawberry
Jose Canseco
Arsenio Hall
Lou Ferrigno

As you can see Donald Trump can handle a lot of egos in a competitive environment. Donald has also been involved in many political and activist movements. The man is always surrounded by beautiful women and has so much money wrapped in so many different things. Donald Trump has always been  a WWE fan, and supports Vince McMahon in a lot of projects.

Congratulations to Donald Trump who is now going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. It's well deserved, well earned and accomplishment that money truly can't buy.

The Hollywood Couple Discusses Glenn Beck vs. WWE

Watching the Final Laps of 2013 Daytona 500

Road to Wrestlemania 29: Week 4

From the beginning of Hollywood's World of Sports, I have always made it a point to discuss the real life aspects of pro wrestling whenever it comes up as a topic.  This past week, Jack Swagger was arrested on DUI and possession of marijuana. This was coming off the heels of his shocking Elimination Chamber win and his controversial promo on Monday that's got everyone talking. He had wins over Daniel Bryan on Raw and Randy Orton on Smackdown. No one knows what will become of Swagger, because WWE has not released a statement of any kind. I guess we will have to wait until Monday to see what happens. As far as Alberto Del Rio goes, he defeated Dolph Ziggler on Raw and Wade Barrett on Smackdown.

In regards to the WWE title picture, we originally thought it was going to be John Cena and The Rock but CM Punk talked himself into a match with John Cena next week on Raw. This was not the last we would see of CM Punk and Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman was out in the ring with Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox when Vince McMahon appeared on the screen to notify Heyman that the two of them will be in a fight next week on Raw. This will no doubt be the set up to the rumored match of Triple H and Brock Lesnar. The other acquaintances of Paul Heyman were also in action in a six man tag. The Shield took on Chris Jericho, Ryback and Sheamus. They captured victory in their first live television match. I will be curious to see where the Road to Wrestlemania ends up for The Shield and the three men they faced on Raw.

There are a lot of questions for a lot of guys headed into Wrestlemania. Guys like Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, The Miz, Team Hell No, Kofi Kingston, and many more. Even a guy like the Big Show who was featured on the full hour of Main Event doesn't have any set storyline yet for Wrestlemania 29.

At the end of Raw, The Rock revealed the new WWE Championship after eight long years of having John Cena's Spinner Championship. The Rock claimed that this is a title that everyone could be proud of and said he knew who he wanted to face at Wrestlemania. Before he could say who he wanted to face John Cena's music hit and out he came to confront The Rock. Before Cena could make his way to the ring, CM Punk attacked him with the old WWE Championship that Cena created. Punk then pointed to The Rock and said, "I want that one." He was referring to the new WWE Championship belt. Rumor has it that CM Punk is scheduled to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 if Taker agrees. If Taker doesn't agree to work Wrestlemania 29, I will be curious to see what direction they go with Punk.

There are two matches that are officially made but one is in jeopardy. For now here are the two matches that were announced for Wrestlemania:

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

WWE Championship
The Rock (c) vs. John Cena

It was also announced that next year's Wrestlemania 30 will be held in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans on April 6th. Keep checking back for more matches that are announced. As always, check back on the weekends to read the Road to Wrestlemania 29 weekly recaps. 

NASCAR 2013: NEW Sponsors, Color Schemes, and Teams

Lineup for the 2013 Daytona 500

1 Danica Patrick Chevrolet 10
2 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet 24
3 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet 29
4 Kyle Busch Toyota 18
5 Greg Biffle Ford 16
6 Kasey Kahne Chevrolet 5
7 Juan Pablo Montoya Chevrolet 42
8 Austin Dillon Chevrolet 33
9 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet 48
10 Clint Bowyer Toyota 15
11 Kurt Busch Chevrolet 78
12 Matt Kenseth Toyota 20
13 Tony Stewart Chevrolet 14 
14 Mark Martin Toyota 55 
15 Brad Keselowski Ford 2
16 Paul Menard Chevrolet 27
17 Casey Mears Ford 13
18 Jeff Burton Chevrolet 31
19 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet 88
20 Jamie McMurray Chevrolet 1
21 Joey Logano Ford 22
22 David Ragan Ford 34
23 Bobby Labonte Toyota 47
24 Marcos Ambrose Ford 9
25 David Gilliland Ford 38
26 Aric Almirola Ford 43
27 Joe Nemechek Toyota 87 
28 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Ford 17
29 Michael Waltrip Toyota 26 
30 Dave Blaney Chevrolet 7
31 Scott Speed Ford 95
32 Josh Wise Ford 35
33 Trevor Bayne Ford 21
34 Ryan Newman Chevrolet 39
35 Denny Hamlin Toyota 11
36 Carl Edwards Ford 99
37 Martin Truex Jr. Toyota 56
38 Michael McDowell Ford 98
39 Terry Labonte Ford 32 
40 Regan Smith Chevrolet 51
41 J.J. Yeley Chevrolet 36
42 David Reutimann Toyota 83
43 Travis Kvapil Toyota 93

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Reaction to the New WWE Championship

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2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Recap, Review and Results of 2013 Elimination Chamber

Tonight at the Elimination Chamber it was the last big stop on the Road to Wrestlemania where a lot of big things were determined. The first thing that was determined was the World Heavyweight Championship and your champion headed into Wrestlemania 29 is Alberto Del Rio. That was a result of making the Big Show tap out.

Speaking of champions, the United States Champion Antonio Cesaro had another great match with The Miz who was all bandaged up from being attacked on Monday. It was a good back and forth encounter until Miz  got DQ'd for unintentionally low blowing Cesaro. I have a feeling this feud is far from over and will be headed straight into Wrestlemania 29.

As far as people heading into Wrestlemania 29, none more shocking the the Elimination Chamber. The Chamber match started off with Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho which was a continuation if Monday. Jack Swagger entered 1st, Kane 2nd, Orton 3rd and by the time Mark Henry entered 5th everyone was still left until he eliminated Daniel Bryan and Kane. Orton eliminated Henry and Jericho but what came next was shocking. Jack Swagger rolled up Orton for the victory and the right to be called number one contender to Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight Championship. I personally love this move because no one saw it coming and it's going to be an American vs. a Mexican. I have a feeling their will be a lot of racial things in this feud and a lot of cat and mouse games between Zeb Coulter and Ricardo Rodriguez.

The number one contender to the WWE Championship is John Cena and he teamed with Ryback and Sheamus to take on The Shield. This match had fuel and fire from the beginning. It was back and forth the whole time and I have to say Roman Reigns had his breakout performance tonight since he's been on the Main Roster. He took out Sheamus and help Seth Rollins pin Ryback. Cena's fate is sealed for Wrestlemania but as for Ryback, Sheamus and The Shield no one knows what will become of them.

One person that has a fate but we don't know what it is, would be the Dolph Ziggler. He holds the Money in the Bank briefcase but tonight he defeated Kofi Kingston in a highly competitive contest. The Diva's title match was also very competitive between champion Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka. I am really glad that WWE has put the title on another noteworthy Diva with beauty, muscle and skill. You know there will be a Diva's match but we will have to wait to see what it is.

The Main Event was the rematch from the Royal Rumble with The Rock defending his stolen WWE Championship against the main who had it in his possession CM Punk. This match was awesome because of the psychology and the fact if The Rock lost by DQ and count out he would lose the title. This match had some twists, turns and referee's getting taken out. In the end it was a miscue by Punk and Heyman that led to  The Rock's victory and his spot in the Main Event at Wrestlemania 29.

This was a solid effort to build up to Wrestlemania and it actually had some shock value to it with Swagger winning the Chamber match. As of right now it looks we will have Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Title and John Cena challanging The Rock for the WWE Title. Keep staying tune to the Road to Wrestlemania 29 to see what matches are made and how the storylines progress. Metlife Stadium we are in full throttle mode and full steam ahead. It's Wrestlemania!

Road to Wrestlemania 29: Week 3

This week on the Road to Wrestlemania we saw the final buildup at to Elimination Chamber. Raw started off with Paul Heyman trying to resign but CM Punk prevented him from doing so. CM Punk's night was not done yet. He came back out at the end of Raw and gave Rock the GTS as well as stealing the WWE title.

Chris Jericho, Kane and Jack Swagger all qualified for the Elimination Chamber match. I will have to say that Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan was the match of the week. They had a really great match that made me realize that it would be a great feud down the road.

Speaking of feuds, Wade Barrett seems to have a couple feuds brewing with Kofi Kingston and Bo Dallas. Barrett won his match with Kofi Kingston after being attacked by  Dallas in the back.

On Smackdown The Rock and CM Punk continued their feud when Punk appeared via satellite and sparred with each other verbally. I will have to say that as much as I enjoy the WWE title feud, I think the World Title feud between Alberto Del Rio and Big Show has been way better. They have done so many horrible things to each and Big Shows anger continued as he knocked out Chris Jericho.

3MB had a rough week losing to John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus on Monday and lost to Brodus Clay and Tesai on Smackdown. Cena, Ryback and Sheamus got the best of The Shield again by making the lights go out and attacking the three men.

One person that isn't on the pay-per-view is Dolp Ziggler but he took on Alberto Del Rio on WWE Main Event. Del Rio won but who knows how long his title reign will last and what Dolph Ziggler's plans will be at Elimination Chamber.

The Chamber pay per view is tomorrow night and here is the final card.

Pre Show:
Brodus Clay and Tesai vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

 Diva's Championship Match:
Kaitlyn (c) vs. Tamina Snuka

United States Championship Match:
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz

Elimination Chamber Match To Determine The NO. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho vs. Mark Henry vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Sheamus/John Cena/Ryback vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins)

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Big Show

WWE Title Match: 
The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk

I will be honest with people out there when I say that it didn't feel like very epic or compelling television this week in WWE. I am hoping that once Elimination Chamber is over that WWE television programming will be more intense and intriguing leading up to Wrestlemania. The Chamber will effect a lot of things headed into the biggest show of the year. Keep checking back as each week ends and it gets closer to Wrestlemania 29. Also be sure to check out my review of the Elimination Chamber Sunday Night.

NFL Off-Season Moves as 2/15/2013

Well it's been almost two weeks since the Super Bowl ended and a lot has been going on since then. Most of it has been releases, and coaching changes. Since free agents can't begin signing until March most of what you read will be staff and cuts which is still important. With that being said lets get down to business with the most noteworthy transactions.

-Kansas City Chiefs named Andy Reid coach.
-New York Jets fired offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.
-Dallas Cowboys named Monte Kiffin defensive coordinator.
-Philadelphia Eagles named Chip Kelly coach.
-Arizona Cardinals named Bruce Arians coach.
-New Orleans Saints fired defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and named Rob Ryan defensive coordinator
-Detroit Lions released WR Titus Young and DE Kyle Vanden Bosch.
-Green Bay Packers announced the retirement of WR Donald Driver. Also released DB Charles Woodson.
-Tennessee Titans named Gregg Williams senior assistant defensive coach.
-Chicago Bears terminated the contract of WR Johnny Knox.

Please keep in mind that this will be like the baseball off-season moves in the sense that I will report on the 15th and end of each month right up until before training camps start. Please remember I will only report signings, trades and releases that are made official by the NFL. Keep checking back for more transaction reports throughout the off-season. 

Revealing the New Hollywood's World of Sports T-Shirt

Review of the Best of WCW Monday Nitro Vol. 2 DVD

TNA Impact Wrestling Changing Direction of TV Show

Last week Dixie Carter announced that TNA would be taking Impact Wrestling on the road starting March 14th live from Chicago and will continually decrease shows from the Impact Zone. Shortly after Hulk Hogan said an interview that Dixie Carter needs to start treating TNA like a business and not a hobby or it will end up like WCW. I have to agree with Hulk on this because TNA is a lot like WCW in so many ways. With these changes coming soon I have my ideas on what should happen.

The first idea is that these pre-recorded 15 dollar pay-per-views they are doing once a month starting in April shouldn't be recorded. They should use the Impact Zone twice a month when they don't hold a major pay-per-view. They should have Impact on Thursday and these special One Night Only shows on Friday Night. This would continue to keep the Orlando fan base strong and by having these shows be live it could filter in to the storyline.

As far as the big shows of Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary, and Bound for Glory they should be held in major cities. I think Slammiversary should always be held in Nashville but the other three in different locations. The other idea behind this thought is that if you have a have pay-per-view in Detroit for example they should spend two weeks before the pay-per-view touring Michigan and have the two Impact shows in cities surrounding outside Detroit like Ann Arbor and Flint to build some momentum and attention for the big show. I think it would create more interest and ticket sales.

The last two Impact shows in Orlando will be February 28th and March 7th. I think it's a bad mistake to just totally abandon the Impact Zone like they did the Asylum in Nashville. Personally I think that TNA should return to the Asylum, Impact Zone and run at the old ECW Arena atleast once every 3 months. I also would like to see it run Hammerstein Ball Room Arena that old ECW shows ran from.

There are ways that this directions could be really good or it could turn out really bad. They need sign some former WWE guys that should have been used correctly and re-sign old TNA starts that were really popular before it got to SpikeTV. One thing is for sure, and that is March 14th Chicago will have an Impact.

Remembering Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig 10 Years Later

Road to Wrestlemania 29: Week 2

The Road to Wrestlemania 29 took another step this week and most of it was centered around the Elimination Chamber. CM Punk kicked off the show on RAW and continued to rant and rave about being screwed out of the WWE title. He then was notified that the fans would choose his opponent for later on that evening. Punk would return to face Chris Jericho in what I consider to be the match of the week. The result was the same as it was last year and that was Punk beating Jericho. Both times Punk came out Paul Heyman wasn't with him.

Heyman had his own issues to deal with on MizTV where it was revealed that Vickie Guerrero re-signed Brock Lesnar without any public knowledge. The Miz verbally attacked both Guerrero and Heyman which prompted Lesnar to come out and attack the Miz. I was shocked when Brock hit Miz in the head with one of the chairs on the set. Then Lesnar proceeded to F5 Miz right into the couch and it still left us with a lot of questions with no answers.

That wasn't the last we heard from associates of Paul Heyman. Brad Maddox called out The Shield and received a beat down for his efforts.Out came John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus from the crowd to attack The Shield at their own game. Earlier in the night Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Kane but that all seemed irrelevant when the show ended on Monday.

On Main Event tensions between Team Hell No continued as Kane had some payback for Daniel Bryan when Bryan caused Kane to lose his match on Monday. Also on Main Event Sheamus defeated Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes is actively pursuing his singles career and I am not sure where it will take him but he's always been successful as a singles competitor. From what I've been hearing Main Event is going to start focusing around the Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship much like Raw focuses around the WWE Championship and Smackdown focuses on the World Heavyweight Championship.

Speaking of Smackdown, the show kicked off with Big Show wanting answers on why he was attacked by Alberto Del Rio at his hotel room. Big Show and Del Rio have gone back and forth for a month now and it's escalating each week. It probably is the best pure storyline WWE has had over a major championship in a long time.

Former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry returned to the WWE on Monday and is destroying everything in his path. On Smackdown he defeated Randy Orton to try and get a spot in the Elimination Chamber by impressing Booker T. He must have impressed because he is now in the Elimination Chamber with Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio. There are two spots left and I am sure they will be determined next week before the Chamber pay-per-view.

I didn't see a whole lot from Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston or Bo Dallas this week. Although they weren't in something meaningful I have a feeling they will all have big roles at Wrestlemania. Speaking of not seeing much, The Rock was not on WWE Television at all this week not even via satellite. This is the WWE Champion and this is one thing I am against because this is Wrestlemania time. The champion should be on every Monday from the time Royal Rumble ends right until the night after Wrestlemania. The Rock should have told filmmakers, and other agencies he would not be available from the end of January until the beginning of April.

The Rock is suppose to be the huge drawing factor for WWE in this year's Wrestlemania but it looks like guys on the roster should take the opportunity to step up their game when The Rock is not there. The Elimination Chamber is next week and I am sure the Road to Wrestlemania is going to intensify. Here are the matches officially set for the pay-per-view.

Elimination Chamber Match for the Number One Contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 29
Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan vs. unknown vs. unknown

Sheamus/John Cena/Ryback vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins)

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Big Show

WWE Championship
The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk

Keep checking back at the end of each week for updates, matches and story-line development on the Road to Wrestlemania 29. With that being said I have one question regarding Brock Lesnar storyline. Are you ready?

WWE Divas

Bounties are now Legal in Pro Sports

It was reported today that Gregg Williams, the leader of the New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal was reinstated and hired by the Tennessee Titans. This was the final step in making it so if anyone ever wanted to do a bounty scandal then they can get away with it. It all started with Sean Payton, and Greg Williams being suspended indefinitely, and the players being suspended for multiple games. In the end, Payton gets reinstated and a huge contract extension. The players suspensions are overturned and Williams gets reinstated by the league and has a job.

I am going to give a few examples of how bounties could play out in sports. Lets say that a group of pitchers in baseball get together and decide to take out a certain player and whichever pitcher takes the player out they get a bonus. If baseball, were to find this out all the the pitchers would have to do is say take a look at the New Orleans Saints. They did and got a way with it. Or what if a group of players decide to get together and intentionally slid into a star second or third basemen and then got a bonus for doing so. The response would be well the Saints did it, so can we.

How about hockey, a sport more violent than football. For example, what if the Detroit Red Wings got together and pooled their money and decided to take a star like Sidney Crosby. Whichever player took Sid the Kid out would get the bonus money. If officials found out and tried to take action the Red Wings could say that their was already a precedent for this and that all player suspensions were overturned.

Do you see where I am going with this? The NFLPA fought hard to prove innocence, the government let it slide when this and the wiretapping happened and other than the suspensions no one was banned from the league. This is going to allow other NFL teams to get away these actions and look back at this and say you can't touch us because the Saints punishments were overturned and in the end the staff was rewarded. Other professional sports organizations can now look at the NFL and say, well you let the NFL teams and players get away with it, so we can get away with it too.

I don't think a bounty scandal will happen for a long time because it brings to much negativity to the sport and organization. If it does happen the precedent for being able to get a way with it has already been set and you will get a slap on a wrist and will be told not to ever do it again. Bounty scandals are no different than steroids, or betting on your team that you manage.

The New Orleans Saints may have escaped extreme punishment but karma always has a way of biting you in the rear end. Karma got to the Saints with injuries and a losing a record in 2012. So beware to those teams who are even thinking of similar actions as the Saints. Bad luck and misfortune will find you.