Manti Te'o vs. "Honeybadger" Tyrann Mathieu: Who is the Bigger Risk?

The NFL Combine is currently taking place and two of the names that people are consistently talking about are Manti Te'o and Tyrann Mathieu. Both men were very productive on the field but off the field they have had some serious issues that could effect where they are drafted and how serious teams will be about each individual.

Te'o had the story of his grandma and girlfriend dying on the same day. He was the put as the focal point of the Notre Dame football team all the way until the National Championship game ended. A few weeks after it came out that Te'o had been part of a hoax where the girlfriend who died wasn't real. Many thought that Te'o was a part of the hoax but later it was proven that Te'o and his family were not apart of this and we are taken advantage of. He has been participating in the NFL Combine and has not impressed. The latest thing that is coming out of the combine is that NFL teams are asking Te'o about his sexual orientation. The issue of homosexuality in the NFL started at the end of the season when various players called out players of a different sexual orientation and said they didn't belong in the same locker room. With all these questions about the hoax, his combine performance and now new arising questions about his sexual orientation who will take a chance on Te'o?

Tyrann Mathieu's issues had nothing to do with hoaxes and sexual orientation. Honey Badger was arrested on possession of marijuana and reportedly failed multiple drug tests. He was intending on staying at LSU but decided to enter the NFL Draft. His participation in the NFL Combine has impressed teams but questions about his behavior are still arising. The Jets and Redskins are interested Mathieu while the Giants, Bengals, and Ravens are interested in Teo.

The NFL Draft beings April 25th and I am sure the sports world will be watching where these two land. One of two things will happen in their careers. They will either rise above their critics or they will fall into obscurity. Tune into the NFL Draft to see where there journey begins. 
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