Road to Wrestlemania 29: Week 5

This on the Road to Wrestlemania 29 things really heated up. The World Heavyweight title match is really heating up. Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter had two interviews this week. Their first one was with The Miz and that ended in a beat down that led to a match in which Swagger won. He also had an interview with Jim Ross on Smackdown which led to Coulter doing all the talking and Swagger intimidating J.R. Alberto Del Rio saved Jim Ross and was also apart of MizTV this week. He defeated Damien Sandow on Smackdown and will take on Dolph Ziggler next weeks Smackdown. On the real side of this controversial storyline WWE sent Michael Cole and it's camera crew to Glenn Beck's studio on Monday where they tried getting an interview with him. They were forced to leave by the owner of the studio and security with the threat of having the police called on them. This storyline is going one of two ways for people. People are either absolutely loving it and think it's brilliant while the other side has people completely offended. I honestly believe that the World Title match is more intriguing than the WWE title match at this point.

Speaking of the WWE title, The Rock was not on Raw this week which left us with the match of the week. CM Punk and John Cena had one their best matches yet. It was back and forth the entire time. In my opinion, this was a Wrestlemania main event quality match. John Cena won the match and secured his title shot against The Rock. These two are going to have to get physical this time around because they did too much talking last year. It was all talk, all games and all jokes. I want to see Cena in a similar role that Punk was in and push The Rock. I hope their match this year is better this year because last year was a huge let down. Only time will tell.

As far as CM Punk goes, his rumored Wrestlemania opponent returned at a house show last Saturday in Waco, Texas. The Undertaker teamed with Sheamus to take on Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett. The Undertaker and Punk have had a brief history in the past but nothing on the level of Wrestlemania. I think Punk could be Undertakers best opponent yet. I will be curious to see how they play this story out when it happens.

CM Punk's manager Paul Heyman kicked off the show by fighting Vince McMahon. Heyman got the edge in the beginning but just as Vince was going to destroy him out comes Brock Lesnar. Before Lesnar could do any damage the old familiar music of "Time to  Play the Game" hit as Triple H returned. Lesnar and Hunter had a bloody brawl which resulted in Lesnar getting 12 stitches in the back of his head. It is obvious that Lesnar and Hunter will face off at Wrestlemania 29 but in what kind of match? Last time they had a normal match but I believe we will see a street fight, Hell in a Cell or something similar.

The Shield has been targeting Sheamus and Randy Orton quite frequently. On Monday Sheamus distracted Ambrose and Reigns as Randy Orton hit the RKO on Rollins. A few days later on Smackdown they got involved with Orton during his match with The Big Show. At one point Big Show was inadvertently bumped by Reigns and gave him a knockout punch for his troubles. We know The Shield will be involved at Wrestlemania but who will there three opponents be? Ryback was not involved this week, Sheamus has been feuding with Wade Barrett and Orton really doesn't have a storyline going. I am curious to see what WWE Creative comes up with.

Speaking of stars without a set storyline at Wrestlemania, what is going to happen with The Miz, Antonio Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, and Chris Jericho. All of these major players don't have a set storyline or match for Wrestlemania 29.  There are only to matches set for Wrestlemania 29 so far and they are the two title matches:

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

WWE Championship
The Rock (c) vs. John Cena

The Road to Wrestling is full steam ahead and with an Old School Raw coming on Monday it could see the return of some legends to Wrestlemania. Keep checking back for more on the Road to Wrestlemania 29 at MetLife Stadium.

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