Big Sporting Events Should be Moved to Saturday Nights

I was talking to a friend the other day and asked him what he was doing for the Super Bowl, and asked if he had any special plans. His reply to me was, "I am just staying home. If the Super Bowl was on a Saturday Night I'd go sit at a sports bar or throw a party." It got me to thinking why aren't sporting events held on Saturday Night. I know during the NFL regular season they are not allowed to play games on Saturday Night because of College Football but by the time the Super Bowl is here College Football is over. The can be said for NCAA National Title games in basketball and football. They are both held on a Monday Night. People usually don't travel outside their homes on the first day back to work. You may ask where I am going with this?

It is quite simple if the NCAA, NFL, WWE, TNA and any other big sporting event held their championship, All Star Game, or Pay-Per-View on a Saturday night it would do so much more for the national economy. The UFC and various boxing promoters do it right. They hold all of their big pay-per-views on a Saturday Night and that is why their buys on PPV are so high. Viewers are more willing to stay up on a Saturday night as opposed to Sunday night. Whenever UFC or boxing is shown at a sports bar on Saturday it is usually a packed house. 

Here is a list of all the events held on a Sunday or Monday Night.
-MLB All Star Game
-NHL All Star Game
-NFL Pro Bowl
-NBA All Star Game
-March Madness National Title Game
-BCS National Title Game

I think these events would be more viewed outside the home if they were on a Saturday. I remember when WWE PPV's were on a Saturday. They were a huge thing with wrestling fans and people were more willing to order it and pay for it. These days viewers stream from the internet and watch it at home. I also think if the NHL, NBA, and MLB were smart they would set it up to where if there is any games that go to 7 in the finals they should be held on a Saturday night. Same thing with the entire NFL playoffs. They should all be on Saturday Night. I really think if these organizations made the move to Saturdays you'd see the national economy rise in terms of going out to sports bars and restaurants or more people willing to spend more money on hosting a party.

Saturday Nights are the one night that people go out on a regular basis so why not cater to that crowd? Saturday Nights need to be for prime time sports, and Sundays need to be prime time television series.
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